checkFrom time immemorial, Catholic Religious Dignitaries of great prominence attached to Holy Cross College had rendered a yeoman’s service for the upliftment of its discipline.

checkBacked by wide range of experience, undaunted courage and selfless dedication all those who held the reins of administration of Holy Cross College had been successful in maintaining discipline.

checkIn tune with the noble vision of the Crusaders, the present management of the college has launched a sustainable programme to maintain the discipline.

checkThe rector, the Staff and the Prefects play a vital role on this issue.

checkOn entering the college premises till their departure the pupils are under strict surveillance of the rector, Teachers and the Prefects.

checkSpeeches are made highlighting the importance of discipline. Religious guidance also facilitates the maintenance of discipline.

checkA master-in-charge kept on standing every morning at the entrance to the college, keeps a watchful eye on every child. Pupils are not allowed to enter the college premises without a college badge on his shirt. Loitering during the school hours is prohibited.

checkPupils should be loyal towards the rector, Rev. Fathers, members of both Tutorial and Administrative staffs.

checkPupils are not allowed to bring wrist watches, cellular phones, CDs and similar gadgets to the college premises.

checkPupils are not allowed to wear rings, bangles or chains. Similarly pupils are not allowed to enter the college premises with fashionable haircuts and fashionable shavings of beards, which are generally unsuitable for students.

checkUnless permitted, no hats and caps are allowed to be worn within the college premises.

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