In the year 1900, Holy Cross College was built in front of the “Kalu Ganga” feeling its cool breeze with the perspective of a good disciplinary education.

In the period of 1930-1934 the first athletic meet was held in the college with the guidance of Rev.Fr. Gaston Shaulio.

In order to celebrate the 90th annual inter-house sports meet on 1st of February 2020 at the college ground all the arrangements are set with the guidance of Rev. Fr. Jayashantha Sovis.

The Crusaders have kept the name of the college in the peak both locally and internationally.

In this long journey of 119 years of excellence our crusaders wrote the name Holy cross college in the records by achieving many victories. They were tempered by the annual inter-house sports meet.

Among the victorious memories of the college, we will never forget Master Nayana Prasad being the best athlete at the all island athletic meet in the year 2010 and in the recent past Holy Cross College was victorious with master Dinuka Deshan winning the 1st place at the 400 meters event at the all island athletic meet.

With the ultimate wish of taking the name of the college to the highest place. We wish all the best for the 90th annual inter house sports meet.


After Days and Hours Of Tough Competition And Hard Work It Came To a Successful End.

The 90th Annual Sports Meet was successfully held on 1st of February 2020. The Chief Guest was Dr. P. D. Jude Lakmal Thushara De Almeida Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon Of D.G.H. Negombo.

After Hours Of Tough competition the event came to a successful end.The Final Result as Follow.
🥇1st Place – Breton House
🥈2nd Place – Herel House
🥉3rd Place – Robert House
4th Place – Croos House