Discipline is at apex at Holy Cross Kalutara

Holy Cross College is one of well reputed schools in Kalutara District. The historical records of the holy Cross Collage, Kalutara show that in and era as far back as the letter half of the 19th century educational luminaries took up the rains of the collage and continued it’s forward march with firm determination and selfless dedication over coming numerous abstracts on its way. In 1890 the Paris Priest of Kallamulla, Kalutara Re. Father Wilkinson became the first rector who was instrumental in naming the instruction as Holy Cross English School, later registered as the grant in Aid School by Rev. Father Leo Fernando, who succeeded Rev. Father Wikilnson who was founder principal of Holy Cross Collage and the saga continued. And, Presently Rev. Father Rector Dr.Camillus Fernando has explained to the academic staff and parents in particular, he has dream together with his priestly community at Holy Cross that is achieve great highest in education, discipline imbued with catholic faith, sports and finally English. When students leave at 13 years of learning in our school they must all be able to speak English and be ready to venture into international arena equipped with sound mind and body. This should be his goal and mission. For Fr.Rector discipline is what you do no one is looking at you.

The College consists of 3 sections, namely Upper, Middle & Primary. (The Upper Section – Arts and Commerce, Biology and Math, the Middle School, and the Primary School also A/L in English medium.

Holy Cross Collage provides a sound education in both Local (G.C.E. A/L & O/L) Examination systems. Instructions are given in all two mediums (English, Sinhala) from Primary to Advanced Level (A/L) classes. The School is one of the best equipped in the island, being blessed with a dedicated staff of qualified experienced teachers who over the years have become more than mere teachers to their students, which is a result of the special attachment that can only develop through years of association with College. Holy Cross has produced many crusaders who have over the years done a great service to their Church as well as the Nation.

The biggest asset possessed by the school is the student body which comprises of more than 2,200 members. Although the majority is composed of Catholic students of other faiths & diverse races of students are studying in school. It is a well disciplined community and excels in both academic and extra curricular activities, specially in sports.

Materially too, Holy Cross Collage has many facilities for sports and extra curricular activities. School facilities for sports, namely athletics, cricket, basketball, Soccer, chess, mini tennis. Holy Cross’ also boasts in more than 15 societies of diverse interest. The other clubs and societies range from different fields from educational to social welfare. The English Literary Society, Drama society, the Science Associations, Commerce Society, Art Club, Computer Club, The Cadets Battalion & Culinary Arts Society , Senior and Junior Choirs union, Philatelic Society are some of them 2011 and 2012 were remarkable theatre season for Holy Cross Collage. It is a beginning of a new era for Holy Cross drama. Because they have achieved so many goals during last two years.

In 2011 they performed Macbeth. They were able to beat all the leading schools of the Western Province and reached the first place. They participated in all island completion and got the second place. In 2012 they had the glory of participating the national level, going through all the other levels of competitions. They reached these highest achievements because of their commitment and hard work. They vast talent of the actors was also evident due to the fact Sohan Anushka was selected as the best character in Western Province in 2011. When student get involved in these types of extra-curricular activities, it helps to improve many good values such as dedication, punctuality, hard work, leadership qualities and they learn to work as a team.

They were able to reach these targets mainly due to the guidance and corporation given to them by Rev. Fr. Rector Dr. Camillus Fernando. Former vice Rector Rev. Fr. Manorajan de Silva who was the in charge of the English drama unit also always encouraged them to performed well. Miss Dilini Ekanayake is the teacher in charge of this unit. This year they stage the drama Othello .

Holy Cross Collages’ also has modern laboratory facilities in the New Science Laboratory. The up to date Computer Center is also housed here and has a fine collection of computers.

The achievements of Holy Cross Collage and its products are far too numerous to be mentioned here. But it must be said that it is one of the foremost educational institutions in Sri Lanka, which has made a significant contribution to the nation’s progress over its 113 years of existence. Members of the Judiciary, Scholars, Scientists, Diplomats, Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Musicians, Artists, Dramatists etc. All crusader in diverse walks of life have not only learnt of Books & Men & how to play the game but also to be Gentlemen.

Holy Cross Collage is therefore much more than just a school. It is an institution rich in tradition, characterized by nearly enturies of hard work, dedication and achievement, all imbibed with the legendary crusader Spirit. A pioneering institution which has understood and nurtured the very best in youth.

Crusaders are really happy that Old Boys Union together with father rector has initiated construction of new swimming pool amount in to 30 million, and the good news is that they have collected 15 million up to date.

Rev.Fr. Jayashantha Sovis is the new rector of Holy Cross College

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